Twitter Updates for 2009-06-16

  • Thanks to earlier sunrise, leaving the house at 6am doesn't feel nearly as bad in the summer as it did in December. #
  • At Union Station DC. Security is holding everyone up because Biden is about to come through. #
  • In the hearing room for Julius Genachowski's confirmation hearing. #
  • Packed house, and then some, in the hearing room. #
  • Sen. Rockefeller: we need people on the FCC with real expertise — meaning they know what they're talking about. #
  • Sen. Rockefeller to Genachowski: "Fix this agency… or we will fix it for you." #
  • Senator Klobuchar highlights the need to update the FCC website. Time to junk the one I built in the mid-90s! #
  • Rockefeller pronounces Genachowski's name wrong. Julius corrects him. Rockefeller: "That's your first victory over the Commerce Committee." #
  • Genachowski: I want an FCC that is open, fair, and data-driven. A 21st century agency for the Informatio Age. #