Twitter Updates for 2009-06-03

  • @timoreilly Why did Alan Davidson claim the telco empire is striking back? Methinks we’re now in Return of the Jedi. in reply to timoreilly #
  • @timoreilly No defeated empire (yet) for app stores. Censorship fits — was that what Alan Davidson meant? Not sure about Ewok analogy. in reply to timoreilly #
  • It’s a “Return of the Jedi” moment for tech policy because forces of innovation are returning to ascendancy. But the outcome isn’t certain. #
  • RT @Joi: Happy birthday @lessig ! #
  • @DougonIPComm @paulkaps: In Star Wars, empire loses once by underestimating the rebels, once when Vader turns on it. Draw the Net analogy. in reply to DougonIPComm #
  • Arrived DC. It’s steamy hot and pouring rain. #
  • RT @publicknowledge: FCC Team Takes Shape, Looks Like We Can Get Work Done. – #