Knowledge@Wharton on the economics of free

I’m quoted in a Knowledge@Wharton article about “free” business models.  This is stuff that Chris Anderson of Wired has covered in depth in his recent book, so I’m not sure we added much.  The piece ends with a quote from me:

“The problem is in thinking the business model of your industry is ordained forever,” says Werbach. “Business isn’t static, and it’s less static today than it’s ever been. The great challenge the Internet poses is that it makes it possible to very quickly shift the allocation of money in certain industries. It’s not easy to go through that kind of transformation, but that’s life. Successful companies are the ones that appreciate that.”

This is the real issue, I think.  How resilient is your organization to structural change?  The financial crisis will force just about every company to face that question… if they want to survive for the long run.