Working on the Obama Transition Team was a pretty incredible experience.  The best part was getting to be on a team with some of the smartest, most dedicated people I’ve every met.  (And most of them, it turns out, were people I already knew!)  I’m proud of what we did to help the new Administration hit the ground running.

I’m now generally back in Philadelphia, although still heading down to DC from time to time.  I’ve got a lot to catch up on, though. So I don’t promise to start blogging actively right away.

One note is that I moved Supernova 2009 back to December.  With all the time I was away working full-time on the Transition, there was no way to do the initial planning for this summer.  I’m as excited as ever about the conference.  More so, perhaps, because Supernova can be a connection point between my peeps in the tech and policy worlds.

Supernova 2009 will be held December 1-3, in San Francisco.  The website has details, and more will be available soon.  If you’re interested in the topics I cover on my blog, you’d get a lot out of the event!