Who are you when you're online?

Charlene Li of Forrester has released an interesting report on “Social Technographics.” The idea is that we don’t all relate to information in the same way, and even individuals don’t relate the same way all the time. There isn’t a sharp line between “creators” and “consumers” of content, for example; everyone does a mix of both. The report, I gather (I’ve read the summary but not purchased the full document), ...

Supernova 2007 Agenda

I’ve posted the draft agenda for the general sessions at Supernova 2007. Lots of good stuff; go check it out!

Choices and Voices

Over on the Supernova weblog, some thoughts on the future of communications, and how it resembles today’s consumer Internet industry.

Cringely's Take on Net Neutrality

Noted tech commentator Robert Cringely explains why Net Neutrality is going away: For the record, I am strongly in favor of network neutrality even if I see it as a fading hope. For the moment most ISPs have signed on to this notion, but I am here to tell you that’s not going to be the case long-term. The big ISP’s have long planned for the end of net neutrality ...

Way Out West

I’m in California this week with my family visiting my parents and other relatives. Light to no blogging until I return.