The FCC Net Neutrality Inquiry

The FCC launched its inquiry into network neutrality yesterday. As and I others have noted, this is essentially an attempt to bury the issue, by putting it on the slowest possible policy track. But it’s still interesting to look at what the FCC is asking about.

The actual notice of inquiry hasn’t been published yet, but the press release indicates that the FCC is seeking comment in four areas:

– How broadband providers are managing Internet traffic on their networks today

– Whether providers charge different prices for different speeds or capacities of service

– Whether our policies should distinguish between content providers that charge end users for access to content and those that do not

– How consumers are affected by these practices

The first and third one are quite interesting. One big problem with the Net Neutrality debate is that we don’t have good information on how broadband access networks are being managed today. And the third question gets at the key business model clash animating the current Net neutrality fight.

It will be intriguing to see what comes back in the comments.