Superdistribution and Syndication

What Fred Wilson is talking about as superdistribution is really what I called syndication in my 2000 Harvard Business Review article.

Superdistribution got a bad name because it was associated with digital rights management (DRM). But as Fred explains, its bigger and different than that. And it’s bigger than the web 2.0 notion that every consumer can also be a producer.

In a syndication ecosystem, every consumer can be not only a producer (which I called “originators” in my framework), but also a syndicator (who finds, packages, refines, and aggregates assets) or a distributor (who manages the delivery of the assets to end-users). They can even be more than one of those things, or play different roles in different contexts. And this model isn’t limited to content; it applies to commerce and applications as well.

As Fred observes, we’re getting close to realizing the syndication model. There are already some great success stories, starting with Google AdSense (a multibillion dollar, insanely profitable business).