Club Penguin

Why does no one ever mention Club Penguin when discussing social networks and virtual worlds?

Based on my wholly anecdotal and non-scientific survey, approximately 73% of pre-MySpace kids (ages roughly 6-12) are using it. For all we know, it might be bigger than Second Life in both free and paid subscribers. My 4-year-old even seems to find it more addicting than World of Warcraft, much to my chagrin.

Update: Over one million monthly Club Penguin users, according to this article. Way more than Second Life, as Clay Shirky’s sleuthing demonstrates. Sure, Second Life is a bigger cultural phenomenon, but a million monthly uniques (and growing) is nothing to sneeze at.

Update #2: Apparently Club Penguin is now seeing 3-4 million monthly unique users. A few smart folks in the games world, like Raph Koster, have also picked up this.