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I attended an event last night for Barack Obama outside Washington DC. As expected, he’s impressive. What shocked me wasn’t him, but everyone else there. Most of the extraordinary team I had the privilege of working with at the FCC in the late 1990s was under that tent. Along with quite a few other technology policy experts I deeply respect. This bodes extremely well for an Obama administration.

What many people don’t appreciate about government is that successful policies require both leadership and implementation. I truly believe that the extraordinary creative energy of the Internet was unleashed, in part, because we had visionary leaders in Clinton and Gore, along with exceptional implementors at the White House, FCC, and other agencies. If you care about technology policy, therefore, don’t just look at what the candidates are saying… look at who is working for them.

From talking with my friends who are most active in the Obama campaign, it’s clear that this guy is on fire. Watch what happens when the first-quarter fund-raising numbers are released in a few weeks. I may need to revise my prediction about the 2008 race. At that point, I thought Obama couldn’t win, but I’m starting to change my mind.

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  1. Gen Mar 16,2007 9:39 pm

    One of my friends who used to teach law at Seton Hall is now Obama’s policy advisor. It’s still early to decide upon a candidate, but the field is looking interesting.

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