TechNation audio interview

Moira Gunn of the syndicated NPR radio show TechNation interviewed me about tech industry developments and Supernova 2007.

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.XXX Marks the Spat

As Susan Crawford explains, ICANN’s rejection of the .XXX top-level domain shows how the organization is still struggling with the basics of governance. I have great respect for friends of mine like Susan, Joi Ito, and Esther Dyson, who have selflessly committed enormous energy and time to improving ICANN. I just can’t get over the sense I’ve had all along, that the organization will never be better than an inertial ...

My Own Private ICANN?

Susan Crawford reports that ICANN is discussing the possibility of becoming a “private international organization.” I’m not sure exactly what that means, or whether it’s a good thing. But it could be significant. ICANN has many problems, but it’s a lynchpin holding the Internet as we know it together.

A Strange SAP Press Release

What an odd press release from SAP. Shai Agassi, the company’s wunderkind rising star, is leaving. Because he wants to devote more time to his personal passion for alternative energy. Or, because he’s unwilling to wait until 2009 to take over as CEO. Huh? Maybe this is a cultural thing — in the US, the release would just say that he “wants to spend more time with his family.”

Group Think

Tom Evslin explains (via Andy Kessler’s interview with Mark Zuckerman) the secret to Facebook’s success. The short version: it’s about empowering existing groups online, not forming new ones.

Small Whirrled

Twelve years ago, my brother Adam and I threw together a website and the beginnings of a book called Whirrled: A Survival Guide for the 21st Century. “Whirrled” sounds like “World” — it was a pun on the fast-changing nature of the environment we found ourselves in. The whole thing was something of a lark, an exploration of the technological and social trends surrounding the emergence of the Web that ...

A Sad Day in the Blogosphere

Kathy Sierra, a well-known blogger and speaker on tech marketing, cancelled her participation in the Etech conference today due to a series of disgusting death threats in comments on her blog and others. This is simply awful and unacceptable. Even assuming the best case — that this was intended as a sick joke — because the other option is too horrible to contemplate. I don’t know the details of the ...

NY Times Spectrum Article

I’m quoted in John Markoff’s New York Times article today about the 700 MHz spectrum auctions. The column grew out of a spectrum policy discussion I led a workshop last week, which John also attended. My quote compresses a longer point I made, which hopefully comes through. It’s that the direct transactional price of acquiring a spectrum license may not accurately reflect the economic and social value of certain spectrum ...