Implications of Traffic Shaping 2

Chart of ISPs blocking or, in most cases, restricting bandwidth to BitTorrent P2P file transfers. (Via the Wired News Monkey Bites column.)

So, are all these ISPs violating network neutrality? Or are they engaged in a legitimate and non-discriminatory effort to manage capacity on their networks?

2 thoughts on “Implications of Traffic Shaping

  1. metaphorical Dec 22,2006 7:38 am

    BitTorrent seems more like infrastructure than shaping a specific application or provider. BitTorrent is the ftp of multimedia.

  2. Kevin Werbach Dec 22,2006 12:05 pm

    Metaphorical, FTP is an application. So is BitTorrent. And while FTP is a generic way to transfer files, BitTorrent is predominantly used to transfer large objects, especially video. The ISPs listed aren’t just throttling bandwidth generally; they are shaping BitTorrent specifically.

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