The best take-away from Web 2.0

I’m back from San Francisco, where I spent 3 days at the Web 2.0 conference. Kudos to Tim O’Reilly, John Battelle, and Eric Fourot — the conference was truly “ground zero” for the current wave of consumer Internet developments. It was massive, with roughly 1500 attendees, and a great turnout of leading industry figures. Since I don’t get out to San Francisco as often as I’d like these days, the conference was a very efficient opportunity to connect with people I wanted to see out there.

So, what was the best thing I got out of the conference?

An energy bar.

See, the main ballroom was packed during most of the sessions. Google sponsored an overflow room upstairs where you could watch the proceedings on a video screen. It was a better space than the ballroom itself, with comfy furniture, plentiful power outlets, and better wireless connectivity. And, best of all, Google provided a few of the famous free snack and drink cases from its headquarters, the Googleplex.

Inside one of the bins, I found a new energy bar, from a company called GOAT, that was delicious, low-fat, low-calorie, and packed with nutrients. Great stuff. I basically lived off the things for two days.

Turns out GOAT, which stands for Greatest of All Time, is a new company whose spokesperson is Muhammed Ali. Their products are supposed to be available commercially in early 2007 — you can’t buy them yet. I’m looking forward to picking up more when I can!