Who is smarter? We are!

Last night, my Wharton colleauge Jerry Wind told me about We Are Smarter Than Me, a fascinating project that he is involved with, along with former Supernova speaker Tom Malone of the MIT Sloan School of Management. The project is going to write a book about leveraging the power of communities in business by… leveraging the power of community!

The entire book will be communally created and edited as a wiki. Anyone can contribute. A hard copy version will ultimately be published by Wharton School Publishing, and all contributors will be listed as authors, and will receive an equal share of book royalties (donated to a charity of their choice).

Obviously, an undertaking like this isn’t trivial. But Jerry and Tom are brilliant thinkers, and they have people like Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales involved. You can pre-register on the site now; the book-writing process starts next month.