Wireless Innovation at Last

It took a while, but finally we’re seeing creative proposals to take advantage of the new wireless spectrum the FCC is poised to make available. First, there was (former FCC staffer and Nextel Founder) Morgan O’Brien’s innovative Cyren Call proposal for a nationwide hybrid broadband/public safety network. Today comes words that (former FCC staffer) John Muleta and (@Home co-founder) Milo Medin have raised top-tier Silicon Valley venture capital financing for a nationwide wireless broadband plan of their own.

I know all the principals, and I wouldn’t count out anything they put their minds too. There are pros and cons of both plans, which aren’t, as far as I can tell, mutually exclusive. What’s exciting is that both represent innovative “clean sheet” approaches to wireless.

Wireless technology has evolved far more in the past 15 years than wireless services and business models have. Let’s hope these two proposals help redress that balance.