The End of Operating Systems? 1

Another delay in the rollout of Microsoft’s Windows Vista. At this rate, the *next* version, after Vista, won’t roll out until after the 20th anniverary of the commercial Web browser. By then, I have to think, virtually all of the action in software will have shifted to the network in one way or another. Microsoft is fighting an uphill battle — valiantly fighting, but struggling. I wonder if this is the last time it seriously tries to push the boulder up the hill.

One comment on “The End of Operating Systems?

  1. Ryan Stewart Mar 23,2006 5:48 pm

    I have no idea why I didn’t think of this angle before, but it’s an excellent question. The slew of Rich Internet Applications, the heavy adoption of AJAX and the advancements in the Flash Platform are slowly eating away at the OS market. It will be years before web apps win out entirely, but that may be long enough to make Microsoft think twice about another OS. Great, great post.

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