Supernova 2006 — deciding what's important

I’m spending much of my time now pulling together sessions for this year’s Supernova conference. It’s always a stimulating process, because it forces me to think hard about what developments are truly significant, and what isn’t getting enough attention.

We’re also assembling another awesome group of speakers for this year’s event. Just a few of the people who will be coming include:

• Jonathan Schwartz (President, Sun Micrsosytems)
• Esther Dyson (Editor at Large, CNet)
• Werner Vogels (CTO,
• Jeremy Allaire (CEO, BrightCove)
• Saul Klein (VP of Marketing, Skype)
• Euan Semple (Former Head of Knowledge Management, BBC)
• John Garstka (Asst. Director, Office of Force Transformation, Dept. of Defense)
• Jonathan Taplin (USC Annenberg School)
• David Sifry (CEO, Technorati)

Stay tuned for more details here about the conference. I deliberately don’t nail everything down way ahead of time, because this world changes so quickly. If you’re thinking about coming, though, register soon, before things fill up and the early registration discount goes away!