How games train tomorrow's business leaders 1

Joi Ito has a great post today about leadership in World of Warcraft. Massively multiplayer online games aren’t just fun; they (like open source projects) are the training grounds for a new generation of managers. Coincidentally, we talked about this concept a good deal at the IBM “Global Innovation Outlook” event I spoke at least week.

We really ought to be using MMOGs to teach MBA students at Wharton.

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  1. manjara Mar 14,2006 4:49 am

    I thought I was alone in thinking that these MMOGs were applicable to business! I started looking at it back in ’97 with an account on Ultima and Starcraft later.
    I think they can be used for more than training. Why aren’t the user interfaces for a lot of management or ‘real-time’ applications more like games?
    I wonder what would be more productive for a CSR, a Starcraft-like interface or a Siebel interface….

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