Corporate Blogging: Where's the Proof? CTO Werner Vogels pushses back on blogging advocates Shel Israel and Robert Scoble. As Werner makes clear, Amazon is one company that shouldn’t have to defend its commitment to heeding customer feedback. So if he thinks the case for blogging in the enterprise doesn’t have enough data or concrete arguments behind it, the rest of us should listen.

I’m a huge blogging fan, but I agree that warm fuzzies aren’t enough to convince organizations to institutionalize the practice. And the data has to be there. We’re what, six years after Cluetrain was published?

Scoble and Shel have diferent perspectives on the Amazon presentation, and I wasn’t there myself. My point is that Werner is clearly right in his larger argument.

Both Werner and Scoble will be be speaking at Supernova, FYI, so perhaps we can continue this debate there!