Boom Times

On Friday, I attended the 5th TechCrunch meetup and Naked Conversations launch party in Silicon Valley. It was a pretty crazy scene: 200-300 Internet entrepreneurs stuffed into the back yard and living room of Mike Arrington’s house.

I was pretty thrilled when we partnered with Mike and TechCrunch for this year’s Supernova. We’re already getting good submissions for the Connected Innovators showcase, and I expect plenty more before the April deadline. (The Website has full details.) I knew TechCrunch had become the nexus for the “web 2.0” crowd. Seeing all those innovators at Mike’s house, though, confirmed for me that it’s not just a news site, but an active facilitators of the next wave of Internet innovation.

I experienced the dotcom bubble from pretty close up. This isn’t like that… at least, not yet. But the fun is back in Silicon Valley. People are willing to dream crazy dreams, and dare to think they can change the world. Most of them won’t, but a few just might. That’s part of what gets me so jazzed about doing Supernova.