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The TV network affiliates are scared to death (via PaidContent) about Apple’s deal with ABC to make TV shows available on the Apple iPod at $1.99 a pop. They think it will erode viewership.

Personally, I can’t think of anything more likely to increase my TV viewership. I haven’t seen a regular network show in eons. (I have two little kids, I’m a sports nut, and if I have entertainment time left over, I’d rather fire up the XBox. Your mileage may vary.) Yet I’d think seriously about downloading some episodes of Lost onto my video iPod.

I want control over my media experience. I’ll give my dollars and precious attention to the companies willing to give me that control. And I don’t think I’m alone.

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  1. T-Bond Oct 13,2005 4:33 pm

    Immediately before reading your post, I wrote that my thinking has changed a little in regard to the value of content. I asked, “will millions of people pay $1.99 to watch last nights prime show”? I actually purchased share in TWX because advertising revenues are zooming now that the portal is open. It seems that a mashup with Google could monetize magazines and videos.

    I have assumed that one would subscribe to CBS for may $4.95 per month. I figured a college football package from ESPN might run $6.95 per month. I may have been underestimating. My brother, an old foggie who watches baseball and not a lot more, says he would pay extra to watch what and when. You are right, producers may be in for a windfall!

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