Today was the start of a small academic colloquium I organized on media and communications law. It was quite a stimulating afternoon. We’re having dinner at Striped Bass, one of the best restaurants in Philly, and then back to presentations tomorrow morning.

I mentioned in the opening that it was appropriate we had this meeting on the day the FCC approved the SBC/AT&T merger, thus closing a chapter in telecom history. A new, integrated company called AT&T is emerging from that transaction, closing the circle of twenty years of telecom history. It’s a fitting metaphor for the kinds of transformations we’re seeing across the telecom landscape.

Of course, the FCC went at screwed things up by pushing back their meeting several times during the day. And the last I heard is that they finally gave up adopting the merger order today. They are still apparently fighting with Verizon over some potential conditions on its acquisition of MCI.

Then again, maybe that’s appropriate. Confusion and uncertainty may be a more apt metaphor for the state of telecom today….