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OK, next Mac switch issue. I’m finding iCal primitive. For example, when you do an all-day item, it just puts a listing at the top of the column, and gives no indication that the time is blocked out. There is no obvious place to put the location of a meeting so it shows up in the calendar itself, as opposed to the sidebar. There appears to be no way to set a default alert sound or behavior for reminders. And I can only see until 6pm in the week view without scrolling, no matter how I resize the window or change the preferences for when the day “ends.”

The “import” function also seems broken. The first time I selected the menu item, it did nothing. After restartin iCal, it gave me a dialog box to select an .ics file, but it didn’t actually put it on the calendar anywhere. I finally was able to drag and drop the item in.

So, what’s the better alternative on the Mac? Entourage?

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  1. Gen Jul 6,2005 9:59 pm

    Kevin, if you switch to Entourage, you ought to give up mail.app too. I.e Mail.app and iCal are a pair.

    If you want to visualize an all day item in iCal set it not to “all day” but set it to 9am-5pm or whatever, and you’ll see it there, not just at the top.

    We, your readers and fellow Mac users, are happy to help, but you might be better served by setting up a time at your local Mac store Genius Bar and go in with a big list of questions for them to answer- this is what they do for a living. If you want it, you can sign up for their premium service which gives you priority as well.

  2. Kevin Werbach Jul 7,2005 6:59 am

    Gen, I don’t use Mail.app, so that’s not a problem. But in any event, I rarely use my email program to receive calendar items. If I do, 90% of them come from someone running Outlook.

    I do appreciate your help. I have various kinds of questions and problems that pop up on an unpredictable basis. I keep hearing about the genius bar, but I assume it’s not essentially Mac consultants who work for free for an indefinite period of time — if so, no one would buy Applecare. And I have to assume that a question like “how do I switch away from Apple’s iCal?” isn’t the kind of thing they are there to answer.

  3. JimF Jul 8,2005 8:40 pm


    I and my family use Now Up to Date, by PowerOn Software. It comes with a pretty simple & usable server for sharing calendars.

    — Jim

  4. Andy Ruff Jul 14,2005 10:56 pm

    On Entourage:
    – It does show your meeting locations in month/week/day view.
    – All-day events display with the same limitation as iCal.
    – You can customize the Entourage sounds but only via sound sets that require a bit of “hacking” to customize.
    – The week view will give you a fuller view of each day (past 5PM).
    – Compatibility with Outlook tends to be a bit better

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