iCal alternatives? 4

OK, next Mac switch issue. I’m finding iCal primitive. For example, when you do an all-day item, it just puts a listing at the top of the column, and gives no indication that the time is blocked out. There is no obvious place to put the location of a meeting so it shows up in the calendar itself, as opposed to the sidebar. There appears to be no way to set a default alert sound or behavior for reminders. And I can only see until 6pm in the week view without scrolling, no matter how I resize the window or change the preferences for when the day “ends.”

The “import” function also seems broken. The first time I selected the menu item, it did nothing. After restartin iCal, it gave me a dialog box to select an .ics file, but it didn’t actually put it on the calendar anywhere. I finally was able to drag and drop the item in.

So, what’s the better alternative on the Mac? Entourage?