Open Park and the Smithsonian

The Washington Post is covering the story about the Smithsonian’s refusal to allow Open Park, a non-profit I co-founded, provide free WiFi connectivity on the Mall in Washington DC. We were quite disappointed when the Smithsonian pulled an about-face and abruptly denied access to its rooftops. Open Park’s proposal would cost the museum nothing, and would faciliate many of the Smithsonian’s articulated goals. Please show your support for Open Park ...

What a party

Thanks to everyone who came to the Pre-Pre Supernova party on Tuesday night! We had about 150 people for some yummy Thai food and great networking. It was a blast. I’m just returning from San Francisco now, so I haven’t yet had time to upload photos. Renee Blodgett, who helped organize the dinner, has posted some. Stay tuned for the Supernova pre-party in June!

Dinner/Party in San Francisco — Tuesday, May 10

I’m hosting a party next Tuesday in San Francisco. It’s sort of a pre-kickoff event for Supernova 2005, which is less than two months away. OK, fine, it’s mostly an excuse to bring together interesting tech-oriented folks for drinks, dinner, and networking. Is that so wrong? Tuesday, May 10, 5:30-9:00pm Cha-Am Thai 701 Folsom St. (at 3rd) Please RSVP and pre-pay through the wiki site below, which has additional details: ...

Guns, Games, and Style

What do they have in common? Find out in my new column for BusinessWeek Online.