The Scale of Scale

Two awesome bon mots in a fantastic post by Jeff Jarvis:

“Scale doesn’t scale anymore.”


“Aggregation is the new scale.”

This is what I was talking about five years ago, when I described syndication as an over-arching business model in a Harvard Business Review article. At that point, although we had blogs and RSS, the other precursors for the revolution Jeff ably describes weren’t yet in place. Now they are.

Ever since I started Supernova, I’ve tried to explain why decentralization was such a critical trend. Now it seems that lightbulbs are going off in many places. As Jeff summarizes:

“The old days of big players in the economy collecting consumers, audience, distribution, manufacturing efficiency, buying power, or capital in the grip of centralized control are waning. That used to be the way to find efficiency and size. That used to be the way to scale. But they are being foiled by our new distributed world. And they are being replaced by a more efficient means of finding size and efficiency.”