Wiki Yippee

Socialtext, for which I serve on the advisory board, just announced they have secured venture funding. The company’s founders basically came together at my first Supernova conference. It has been great to watch the startup grow, and sign on some impressive customers for its wiki-based lightweight collaboration platform. Now, the real fun begins!

“It would be a tragic mistake to underestimate the potential market power Skype is accumulating.” So says the always insightful Martin Geddes. He’s right, and yet this mistake is still quite widespread.

Putting the Genie Back in the Box

IBM is working with Fox on technology to limit digital television broadcasts to particular local markets. It’s a variation on the “broadcast flag” the FCC is imposing on makers of TVs and other digital media devices, but with a twist. The argument for the flag is that it protects intellectual property, by limiting unauthorized redistribution of digital content. The IBM/Fox technology, on the other hand, protects business arrangements. It’s designed, ...

All in the Family

My brother Adam, who sits on the San Francisco Public Utility Commission and has an amazing record as a progressive activist, has an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle promoting municipal wireless broadband. It’s great when our professional paths cross like this. It’s even better when Adam does such an effective job of making the case for municipal networks.

Open Spectrum podcast

David Weinberger and I did a podcast last week about open spectrum that is now available on Richard Giles’ site, The Gadget Show. We had a few audio issues — we were communicating over Skype between the US and Autralia. Nonetheless, we were able to cover the major reasons why radical spectrum policy reform is such an exciting concept, and where things stand today.

The Growing VideoNet

More evidence that video P2P usage is fueling an upsurge in global bandwidth demand.

The Scale of Scale

Two awesome bon mots in a fantastic post by Jeff Jarvis: “Scale doesn’t scale anymore.” and “Aggregation is the new scale.” This is what I was talking about five years ago, when I described syndication as an over-arching business model in a Harvard Business Review article. At that point, although we had blogs and RSS, the other precursors for the revolution Jeff ably describes weren’t yet in place. Now they ...

Wireless Philadelphia launch

street_wireless Originally uploaded by kwerb. Yesterday, I attended the press conference at which Philadelphia mayor John Street (that’s him in the photo) announced the formal launch of Wireless Philadelphia. This is the city-wide wireless broadband network that has been the source of both so much excitement and so much angst on the part of incumbents. As Street, and Philly CIO Dianah Neff (the force behind the project) made clear, however, ...

The Mating Dance of Elephants

According to a BusinessWeek article, phone companies trying to get into the video market are running into an obstacle: movie studios and other content owners. They aren’t willing to license their content for video-on-demand and other new distribution formats. Frankly, I hope the studios continue to hold out against the inevitable transformation of the video marketplace. The telcos are pouring money into fiber and IPTV deployments because they are scared ...

Skype tipping point?

James Enck: “[M]ore than 1% of the world’s broadband population is running Skype at any given time.” Sounds like a killer app to me.