It all comes together

Adam Bosworth has a nice post linking together the “Web 2.0” notion of the Web as an open platform for
applications with search and syndication. Oh, and for good measure, he wraps in the vibe of tech conferences (ETech and PC Forum) as well as the challenges of privacy and spam. Adam — a really smart guy — was a senior technologist at Microsoft before co-founding a startup that was acquired by BEA, and he’s now VP of Engineering at Google.

Something that gets me quite jazzed these days is the way so many innovations are linking up and leveraging one another. It’s not just, “hey, check out that cool company!” Blogs, search-based innovations, tags, and so forth allow both new startups and established platforms like Google, Amazon, and Yahoo! to build on one another. The emergent whole is greater than the sum of the parts.