Why We Need Network Neutrality 2

Vonage, the leading independent US VOIP provider, has complained to the FCC that a broadband access provider is blocking the ports it uses to provide service.

I and others have been raising concerns for some time that broadband platform owners will use their control of the physical and logical layers of the network to preclude innovation and competition at higher layers. We’ve been told this is a fantasy, and that no broadband provider would have an incentive to do so. Maybe we were right.

2 thoughts on “Why We Need Network Neutrality

  1. Aswath Feb 17,2005 12:03 pm

    Since you know FCC procedure can you please comment on this situation:

    Vonage has filed a complaint with FCC, but neither they nor FCC describe fully the nature of the complaint. The only thing that is known is it is not an ILEC, but a rural provider. Is it normal for making some information public, but not full information while the investigation is ongoing? Can we get a copy of the complaint under freedom of information act?


  2. Kevin Werbach Feb 17,2005 3:44 pm

    My understanding is the Vonage has not formally filed a complaint. They have simply “complained” in meetings with FCC staff, and sought guidance on how to proceed. So there is no official investigation or document yet to review.

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