Meeting of the Deregulators

Powell & Kahn

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Here is FCC Chairman Michael Powell chatting with Alfred Kahn, the father of deregulation.

Kahn is a legendary economist who oversaw the deregulation of the airline industry, and influenced a generation of policy-makers. At 87, he’s as lively as ever.

Kahn and Powell are both speakers at the Silicon Flatirons conference here in Boulder, Colorado, where I’m also speaking. In the middle is my friend Phil Weiser, a professor at the University of Colorado law school and organizer of the conference. Phil has done a wonderful job pulling together leading thinkers and policy people.

We had some great discussions today. Larry Lessig and Vint Cerf started us off with a bang. And my panel was a spirited discussion of the layered model and other issues around reform of the Telecommunications Act.