Guess Who's Coming to Supernova, Part I

This year’s Supernova is really starting to come together. Registration is now open, so sign up, y’all!

As usual, we’ve got some wonderful people speaking. Here’s an introduction to a few of them; I’ll post updates periodically in the future. The speakers page on our Website has a longer list of confirmed participants.

  • Hossein Eslambolchi is the chief technology officer of AT&T. In fact, his full title is CIO and CTO of AT&T, plus president of AT&T Global Networking Technology Services. And if that’s not enough, he holds over 100 patents. Hossein is one of the key architects of the network of the future. Yes, AT&T has gone through tough times of late, and it has agreed to be acquired by SBC, but it remains one of the world’s premier communications service providers, with technology and experience second to none. Don’t you want to hear what Hossein has to say about convergence and the future of the Net?
  • I met Mena Trott at the first Supernova conference, where she helped put together the conference Weblog. I noticed that my power-blogger friends were switching in droves to the tool that Mena and her husband Ben developed, Movable Type. At that first Supernova, Mean and Ben sat on the floor in the back of the room at times, but they also made contact with Joi Ito (who would become their lead investor) and Barak Berkowitz (who would become their CEO). Today, Mena’s company, Six Apart, is at the crest of the bloging wave. Mena always has a great perspective on both the new tools that are changing business, social interactions, and media… as well as on those who use them.
  • Chris Anderson is the editor in chief of Wired. He’s done something pretty remarkable in remaking what many wrote off as a vestige of the dotcom era into a publication that is once again vital and an opinion-shaper. His recent essay, The Long Tail, isn’t just journalism; it’s a deeply perceptive analysis of the future of commerce, media, and, well, just about everything. And, not surprisingly, it ties in perfectly with Supernova’s themes.

As you can see, we have a mixture of different kinds of speakers. It’s not just the top executives, or the geeks, or the thought leaders — it’s all of the above. The richness of Supernova comes from the interaction among great people from diverse backgrounds, all with something valuable to say about technology and business.

And, of course, that richness isn’t limited to those who happen to be speaking this year. The best part of Supernova is the attendees. Most of them could be (and often are) on stage. I hope you’ll join us.