TipTop Tac Toe? 1

SBC is planning to file a new tariff for a service called “TipTop,” which for the first time would cause unaffiliate ISPs and VOIP providers to pay per-minute access charges on their traffic. Jeff Pulver and Om Malik have good blog posts speculating on the implications and SBC’s overall strategy. Is SBC playing a grand game to dominate all communications? My instinct is, not any more than they ordinarily are (which is not the same as “no.”)

One comment on “TipTop Tac Toe?

  1. eq2 gold fan Jan 25,2006 6:10 pm


    Look at this article. It explains what’s going on in this area atm. Telecom mamomths just want to get new sources for increasing their income. Actually, they want to bite some piece of cake which don’t belong to them anyhow. It can have disastrous effect on IT ventures.

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