We have DSL!

For the past two weeks I’ve been moving into a new office, which is one
explanation for the relatively light blogging.  The biggest pain
has been waiting for the DSL line to get hooked up.  Trying to do
business with one phone line shared between voice and dial-up Internet
isn’t a whole lot of fun. 

The good news is that Verizon came today to provision the DSL
line.  My router arrived from Covad the same morning.  The
Verizon tech never even came up to my office, but I saw him drive away
so I figured I’d try plugging in the router.  I ran through the
Covad set-up instructions, and I was online in ten minutes. 

Now comes the good part.  I only ordered one regular voice line
because I’m planning to use VOIP over the DSL connection for most of my
office communications needs.  With the broadband link in place, I
can get the virtual VOIP lines set up.