Like, umm an information superhighway?

“That’s what broadband
technology is. It means we’ll open the highways of knowledge — new
highways of knowledge.”

President George W. Bush, March 26, 2004

You’d think he would at least give Al Gore credit for the metaphor.

Bush’s call in the speech for universal broadband by 2007 has gotten press attention, but not the second half of his sentence:

“We ought to have a universal,
affordable access for broadband technology by the year 2007, and then
we ought to make sure as soon as possible thereafter, consumers have
got plenty of choices when it comes to purchasing the broadband

The good news is that Bush acknowledges that only with competition will
broadband be affordable and a platform for innovation.  The bad
news is that he’s for monopoly broadband by a date-certain three years
from now, and competitive broadband “as soon as possible.”  Why do
I suspect his administration will do more to achieve the first goal
than the second one?