Like, umm an information superhighway?

“That’s what broadband technology is. It means we’ll open the highways of knowledge — new highways of knowledge.” — President George W. Bush, March 26, 2004 You’d think he would at least give Al Gore credit for the metaphor. Bush’s call in the speech for universal broadband by 2007 has gotten press attention, but not the second half of his sentence: “We ought to have a universal, affordable access for ...

Get well soon, Stuart

Stuart Buck, author of a great paper on spectrum commons, is in the hospital after suffering a stroke last weekend.  Stuart is 29 and was in apparently great health, so this is quite a shock.  The note on his blog from his wife is encouraging.  I wish Stuart a quick and full recovery.

I'm still here

Just going through another one of those busy periods.  I’ll have some interesting news about my future to report soon.

Chicago Tribune on open spectrum

The Chicago Tribune has an article about the FCC’s various proposals to open up more wireless capacity, with several quotes from me.  The different aspects of open spectrum get a bit muddled, such as the distinction between current initiatives like the FCC’s broadcast underlay proceeding and long-term proposals like my supercommons idea.  Still, it’s good to see the big idea of open spectrum getting play in a mainstream newspaper.

Treo all better!

As suddenly as it appeared, my Treo problems have suddenly stopped.  I brought it into my office this morning, and when I took it out to call the replacement service, it was working fine.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that whatever happened has corrected itself

Treo woes

My beloved Treo 600 is suddenly on the fritz.  It makes and receives calls, but whenever I turn it off and on, it locks in the keyguard mode.  Shutting off keyguard didn’t help, nor did soft and hard resets.  This is something serious.  Time to call the equipment replacement program, which fortunately I signed up for.

CNet Acquires EDventure

My old boss, Esther Dyson, just announced that she is selling her company to CNet.  Reportedly, she and her business partner Daphne Kis will stay involved.  Even for someone as prominent as Esther, it’s tough to make it as an independent publisher.  I hope the merger works out well for everyone.  If nothing else, it will be a good topic for conversation at PC Forum, which starts on Sunday.

Gathering of the Treos

The Treo 600 was definitely the “in” device at this year’s SXSW conference in Austin.  I’ve had mine for five months, and I still love it. 

Internet Commons Congress

I’m speaking next week at the Internet Commons Congress at the University of Maryland.  The name is a bit over the top, and I was hoping the organizers would be able to get more of the thinkers defining the “commons” vision (like Yochai Benkler, Larry Lessig, and Elinor Ostrom).  Still it’s an excellent group of actvitists involved in the various battles to preserve an open and vibrant digital commons.  The ...

SXSW Wrap-up

I had a wonderful time at South By Southwest Interactive.  There was an unusually high concentration of people I know virtually or have spoken with by phone, but had never actually met before in person.  It was an incredibly fertile environment.  And kudos to Hugh Forrest, Jon Lebkowsky, and the other organizers for giving significant attention to open spectrum and other topics that aren’t yet widely appreciated.  Despite all this, ...