Verizon follies

Things are really humming here at the Supernova Group. So were’re
moving into a new office. I need to establish phone service, so I
went to the Verizon Website. After filling out about 10 screens
of information, I get to the final confirmation page, click on the
“submit” button, and… nothing happens. Probably a Javascript
problem. I use Mozilla as my primary browser, and some sites
simply don’t work for no apparent reason.

OK, so I’ll switch over to Internet Explorer. But my session
information is saved over in the other window. There is a “save”
button on all the Verizon screens, but no mechanism for retrieving what
you’ve “saved.” In other words, I can’t get back to the
information I previously filled out. Perhaps if I log into my
account? Wait, I don’t have an account.

OK, I’ll start from scratch. I get about halfway through the
process on IE, when I have to log off due to an outside
interruption. When I come back, the session has of course timed
out. It’s saying that I need to log into my account in order to
get back to where I was. But I don’t have an account!

OK, I’ll create an account. I put in a username, password, email
addresses, challenge question, etc. Then I need to input my
Verizon phone number. But wait, I don’t have one for my
office. That’s why I’m here — to get a phone number! So
I’m totally stuck.

To get an account, you need a phone number. But to get a phone number, you should have an account. Oy.

Update: I just went through the
whole process again, got to the last screen and… I was redirected to
a customer survey page before I could confirm my order. When I clicked
“Next” after the survey, I was redirected back to the Verizon home
page.  No order confirmation.  In other words, it is
impossible for me to sign up for phone service through the Verizon