Spam is EVIL!!!!!!

Some interesting results from the Transatlantic Consumer Dialog’s survey on spam. 21,000 people responded, from 36 countries.

· 96% (20,173 people) said that either they hated spam or that it annoyed them.
· 84% (17,753 people) said that all unsolicited commercial emails should be banned.
· 83% (17,608 people) said that they believed that most spam emails are fraud or deception.
· 82% (17,197) people said that governments should only allow
commercial emails to be sent if the recipient has agreed in advance to
receive them (opt-in).
· 80% (16,846) people said that it would help if unsolicited commercial emails were required to be labelled as advertisements.
· 65% (13,775 people) said that spam cost them or their employers time or money.
· 52% (10,895 people) said that they shop online less or not at all because they are worried about spam.

· 62% (13,029 people) said that they use a filter but only 17% (3,565 people) said that they generally worked very well.
· 91% (19,235 people) said that they were concerned about children’s exposure to spam.

Perhaps the scariest one is that 52% number. Spam is becoming a
serious drag on the Internet economy. Not just the direct time
and resources it sucks up, but its indirect effects in discouraging
people from using email and the Web.