A defining week for VOIP

Two significant events this week will mark a turning point for voice over IP. 

On Wednesday, AT&T CEO Dave Dorman will give a major speech in
Washington to the New America Foundation.  Marking the 20th
anniversary of Ma Bell’s divestiture, Dorman is expected to outline a
strategy that makes VOIP a central focus for the company. 

The next day, the FCC will take up its long-awaited Notice of Proposed
Rulemaking (NPRM) on VOIP, as well as Jeff Pulver’s petition to declare
his Free World Dialup service unregulated.  The NPRM is just the
formal beginning of the proceeding — it will ask questions and make
proposals, but not adopt any binding rules.  That will come later,
almost certainly after Michael Powell leaves the Commission. 
Nonetheless, the NPRM will set the agenda for the regulatory fight to