New photo album

I finally had a chance to upload the last two months of photos.  Album 10 has pictures of both Eli and Esther.  It looks different from the prior albums because I’m trying a different application.

The End of Spectrum Scarcity

That’s the title of an article I co-wrote with Greg Staple, a Washington telecom lawyer, in the new issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine.  We explain how “open spectrum” technologies could, with the right regulatory decisions, massively increase the usable capacity for wireless communication.  More spectrum is also coming from conventional sources like FCC reallocation.  It’s hard to overstate how big a deal this could be.  Cingular just spent $41 billion ...

David Isenberg's WTF

My friend David Isenberg, the (justly) famous author of “Rise of the Stupid Network,” is holding a workshop called WTF for provoacteurs, dreamers, and other cool folks on April 2-4 outside of New York City.  Looks to be a fantastic event.  I can’t make it because of family obligations around Passover, but I encourage you to check it out.

Technical difficulties

For some reason, Radio Userland stopped uploading my blog posts last weekend.  Lawrence Lee of Userland has been working diligently to fix the problem. I think things are finally working again.  Apologies for the hiatus!

My Senate testimony on VOIP

The Senate Commerce Committee website has my written statement from today’s VOIP hearing. Overall, the hearing went very well. I’m on the train back right now. I’ll post more notes from the hearing when I can.

Senate VOIP Hearing to Be Webcast

The Senate Commerce Committee hearing on voice over IP will be Webcast live, starting at 9:30am Eastern Time on Tuesday.  The RealAudio stream will be located here.  I’ll be testifying on the second panel, following the initial testimony of FCC Chairman Powell.

Verizon follies

Things are really humming here at the Supernova Group. So were’re moving into a new office. I need to establish phone service, so I went to the Verizon Website. After filling out about 10 screens of information, I get to the final confirmation page, click on the “submit” button, and… nothing happens. Probably a Javascript problem. I use Mozilla as my primary browser, and some sites simply don’t work for ...

FCC releases Free World Dialup order

The text of the FCC’s order declaring’s Free World Dialup an unregulated information service has been released. Haven’t had time to read it yet. The devil is often in the details with these decisions. We’re still waiting for the text of the companion notice of proposed rulemaking seeking comment on regulatory treatment of VOIP more generally.

VOIP is more than just arbitrage

Stuart Henshall describes the potential implications of Skype’s ridiculously easy conference calling capability.

Old wireless thinking

This Washington Post story about new wireless services is a great example of old telecom thinking.  Everything depends on the carriers, and when they upgrade their networks.  WiFi hotspots and other forms of unlicensed connectivity remove that bottleneck — along with the additional charges the carriers want to load on for the whizbang new services.  That’s why incorporating WiFi (and ultimately software radios) into mobile handsets is such a significant ...