Coming home

We took Esther home from the hospital today. She’s a tremendous joy, and a wonderful New Year’s present for our family. Thank you to everyone who sent email or commented on the previous entry!

Esther Ann Werbach

Our daughter Esther was born today at 12:56pm.  We’re all doing well, and feeling very excited about the new addition to the family.  Here are some photos.

Esther Ann Werbach

Born December 26, 200312:56pm7 pounds, 7 ounces Mother, daughter, and the rest of the family are doing great.

See you in a bit….

In addition to the standard holiday break, we’re expecting our second child in a couple days.  I don’t expect to blog again until the bundle of joy (gender unknown) makes its appearance.  Best wishes to all for a happy holiday and New Year!

The next little W

We’re getting ready for the arrival of Eli’s brother or sister, aka “Little W in training.”  The delivery is scheduled for December 26.  I’ll post photos here as soon as I can!


Cory Doctorow: “The last twenty years were about technology. The next twenty years are about policy.” A nice formulation, but, with all due respect, a wrong one.  Technology and policy are always intertwined.  Both of them always matter.  Was the Napster saga “about” peer-to-peer technology, or the current state of copyright law and the music industry?  Was the rapid growth of the commercial Internet in the US “about” advances in ...

A fine mess

James DeLong: “The [Verizon] decision also ensures that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act will be reopened in the next Congress, which will create a thorough mess.” A thorough mess perhaps, but a necessary one. The DMCA is so clearly out of step with reality that reopining it is inevitable. However, I won’t dismiss the possiblity that the “reopening” process will lead to something worse.

Fiber to the home deployment schedule

Reuters: “Verizon said Monday that its initial [fiber] deployment plans involve about 1 million homes next year, with the pace potentially doubling in 2005.” So let’s see.  Verizon has 30 million residential customers.  If they pass 1 million homes with fiber in 2004 and double that to 2 million per year in 2005, they’ll light everyone up by 2020.  Assuming they actually deploy this time, unlike prior telco fiber promises. 

Save the date — Supernova 2004

Supernova 2004, my conference on the decentralization of software, communications, and media, will be held June 24-25 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The first two Supernovas were incredibly successful, and this one should be the best yet.  Stay tuned for more details.

Qwest CEO on VOIP regulation

Qwest CEO Dick Notebaert comes out in support of treating voice over IP as a largely unregulated “information service” in a Washington Times op-ed.  Qwest is unique among the incumbent local phone giants, since it has a large Internet backbone and business services operation.  Still, it’s good to see a telco CEO reject applying legacy regulation to VOIP.  The one point Notebaert’s op-ed doesn’t squarely address is whether VOIP should ...