Upcoming events in DC

I’m participating in two events in Washington, DC in two weeks that might be of interest to readers of this blog.

First, I’ve been invited to speak at the FCC’s Voice Over IP Forum
on December 1.  This will be an important event for the future of
the VOIP industry.  Several states are already trying to impose
traditional telephone regulation on VOIP services.  The FCC needs
to address this issue at the federal level, and spell out a clear set
of rules that allow VOIP innovation to occur without unnecessary
uncertainty or regulation.

Second, the New America Foundation and Public Knowledge are holding a conference on December 4 entitled “Shared Airwaves, Shared Content.” 
They will be releasing a spectrum policy paper I’ve written called
“Radio Revolution.” George Gilder will give the keynote, and Mike
Godwin of Public Knowledge will also be releasing a paper on digital
rights management.