A must-read piece [1]

A must-read piece
by Brian Anderson on OpinionJournal.com, on how and why the right is
winning the battle of ideas.  Those of us who aren’t conservatives
must do more than get mad.  We must develop long-term strategies
to get even.

“The left has never before had its
point of view challenged and its arguments made fun of and shot full of
holes on the public stage,” concludes social thinker Michael Novak, who
has been around long enough to recognize how dramatically things are
changing. Hoover Institute fellow Tod Lindberg agrees: “Liberals aren’t
prepared for real argument,” he says. “Elite opinion is no longer
univocal. It engages in real argument in real time.” New York Times
columnist David Brooks even sees the left falling into despair over the
new conservative media that have “cohered to form a dazzlingly
efficient delivery system that swamps liberal efforts to get their
ideas out.”

Here’s what’s likely to happen in the years ahead. Think of the
mainstream liberal media as one sphere and the conservative media as
another. The liberal sphere, which less than a decade ago was still the
media, is still much bigger than the nonliberal one. But the nonliberal
sphere is expanding, encroaching into the liberal sphere, which is both
shrinking and breaking up into much smaller sectarian spheres–one for
blacks, one for Hispanics, one for feminists and so on.

It’s hard to imagine that this development won’t result in a broader national debate–and a more conservative America.