Luv that RSS

I’m now subscribed to 206 syndication feeds. (I could sign up for
many more, of course. These are the sources I find particularly
interesting and unique.) RSS and its progeny are the best thing
since sliced bread. When I see a new blog or news site that
doesn’t prominently display a syndication link, I get annoyed.

There are two major hurdles that the blog/syndication community needs
to address. First, the “diversity” of RSS/RDF/Atom/Echo flavors
is a bug, not a feature. It’s like the original browser war days
of 1995-96, when every release from Netscape and Microsoft would add new
HTML tags, only some of which were in the W3C spec, and W3C kept
proposing its own new tags that no popular browser supported.
Second, we need really good aggregators, both standalone and
Web-based. There are some pretty good ones out there, but we’re
still at the Mosaic stage, not Netscape and IE.

Come on guys. This could be the first real evolution in the Internet user experience in ten years.