Beyond circuit-switched thinking

Telepocalypse: “The abandonment of the circuit-switched world for all communication that isn’t both real-time and two-way is seriously overdue.”

From networks to devices

According to a Morgan Stanley report, the mobile phone infrastructure market is going to plunge.  Left unsaid is the other side of the equation.  As the locus of value moves away from the core network infrastructure, it moves into the devices at the edge.

Michael Powell in the eye of the beholder

Arnold Kling thinks FCC Chairman Michael Powell is misunderstood, and smarter than people give him credit for. I agree. Of course Arnold, a conservative economist, cheers Powell for following the neoclassical economic orthodoxy of Friedrich Hayek, while I see him carrying on the legacy of Al Gore.

A biiiiiiiiiig number

Infoworld: “The amount of new information stored on various media such as hard drives has doubled in the past three years, to five exabytes of new information produced in 2002, according to a study released Tuesday by the University of California, Berkeley.” (via Ross Mayfield)

Did I mention that I…

Did I mention that I love my new Treo?

Lessons from Dartmouth

Naval Ravikant at Ventureblog has a good analysis of what Dartmouth is learning from its extensive deployemnt of WiFi and VOIP. 

Billy Tauzin's MPAA

The New York Post is reporting that Congressman Billy Tauzin will take over from Jack Valenti as head of the Motion Picture Association of America.  I think this is good news for defenders of openness and competition in the digital economy. First, Tauzin will leave his powerful position as chair of the House Commerce Committee, where he is an effective advocate for the interests of the incumbent telephone companies.  Second, ...

Beyond the phone network as we know it

Technopocalypse: “The obsolescence of the PSTN will be caused not by cheap traditional voice run over the Internet, but by services the PSTN cannot ever deliver.”

Master of the Universe?

First, Wired names Clay Shirky “The Tech Node,” and now this.

The Meat Market

I’m in Washington DC, at the annual American Association of Law Schools Faculty Recruitment Conference (aka “The Meat Market”) interviewing for jobs as a law professor.  Wish me luck!