Earthlink DSL follies

When I moved to my current house last year, I tried to sign up for DSL
high-speed Internet service.  However, Verizon’s Web-based
qualification form told me I was too far from the central office. 
So I went with a cable modem.  I’ve noticed construction work at
our local central office the past few months, so a few weeks ago I
thought I’d check again to see if they upgraded the facilities to
extend DSL coverage.  Both Verizon and Earthlink indicated I was
now qualified for DSL.  Oh happy day.

I signed up with Earthlink, and received a DSL modem in the mail. 
Only, there was no signal.  I gave it a few days, but still no
connection.  So I called Earthlink technical support. The rep
pulled up my account and told me I was too far from the central office
(>15,000 feet) for Earthlink DSL service.  I know I’m near the
limit of DSL range, so it’s not surprising that Earthlink makes that
cutoff.  But why in the world did they say I was qualified and
send me the modem, if their system clearly showed they couldn’t serve

This wasn’t a great hardship for me, since I never cancelled my cable
modem account. It’s just odd.  Either Earthlink has a back-end
system problem, or there is a problem in the information exchange
between Earthlink and Verizon.