Guess what else is decentralizing?

That’s right, power generation.

Weighing in at 576 pages…

So the FCC has finally released its Triennial Review Order revising terms for interconnection between incumbent local phone companies and competitors. Let the litigation begin! (Actually, the litigation has been going on for seven years, but this order will extend it for many more.) Hopefully now the FCC can turn its attention to a more important competitive issue: preventing states from killing off voice over IP.

Thanks Dave

Wow. No doubt due in large part to a link from Dave Winer. my post the other day about the SoBig worm is currently #13 on Popdex.

How big is it?

BBC: "At one point every one in 17 e-mails intercepted by security firm MessageLabs was infected with the Sobig F virus."

The Day Email Died?

Between 10:45pm last night and 6am this morning, I received 1,470 pieces of spam (a run rate of nearly 5,000 per day). Most of them were from the SoBig worm, which seems to be the worst yet. And as far as I can tell, it’s still getting worse. I wonder if this is the last straw that will convince people to move in droves to challenge/response or whitelist mechanisms, as ...

At the beach

I’m relaxing. Or something like that. See ya next week.

Six Degrees of Email

A study by Duncan Watts of Columbia University has shown that the famous "six degrees of separation" phenomenon holds for email relationships. Though apparently the researchers didn’t find super-connected "hubs" ot be as prominent as they expected. (via Nova Spivack)

In the Belly of the beast

This is too cool. The FCC is offering free WiFi access at its headquarters.