Rounding up conference attendees

VentureBlog: "I was awakened this morning by a 5:30 a.m. telemarketing phone call. I didn’t pick up the phone but had to suffer through a very long infomercial for the AlwaysOn conference blasting through my house. Having just recently been pitched by the business that is doing the telemarketing for AlwaysOn, I happen to know that the call was coming from India."

Tony Perkins is using telemarketing to get people to come to his AlwaysOn conference? There’s nothing improper about it, and if that helps generate a good turnout, more power to him. As a fellow organizer of a startup tech conference, I wish Tony success. Personally, though, I wouldn’t use telemarketing as a mechanism for drumming up attendance, both for economic reasons and for the impression it creates. My philosophy for “Supernova” is that what makes events successful is real community. That’s something you can’t buy. You have to build it through personal goodwill.