Silly conference reporting restrictions

I can’t fathom why conference organizers still insist their events are "off the record" in this age of WiFi and Weblogs. For a small private workshop, fine. But any time a CEO of a public company stands up in front of several hundred executives, he or she knows what they say is fair game. After all, journalists could just interview the attendees and get them to confirm what the speaker said. It’s pretty silly when armchair bloggers break news simply because the journalists next to them aren’t allowed to report what they hear.

At “Supernova”, we put no such restrictions on attendees. A conference is a conversation, and if you’re not comfortable saying something that might be repeated, don’t say it. Pervasive Internet connectivity and low barriers to publishing are realities that everyone needs to deal with. From my perspective, the fact that attendees, whether professional journalists or not, can blog the event is a benefit, not a threat. It enhances the conference for those present and those elsewhere.