WiFi slam dunk

NetStumbler.com: "Vivato, a wireless infrastructure company, today announced that Hoopfest, the largest three-on-three basketball tournament in the world, will use Vivato 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Switches to blanket the City of Spokane, Wash., with Wi-Fi during its 2003 event scheduled for June 28-29, 2003. "

Keep them telemarketers away

FCC: "Consumers can register on-line for the national do-not-call registry beginning June 27, 2003."

Get wiki with it

The Supernova Wiki is now up and running, courtesy of my friends at Socialtext. What’s a wiki? you ask. (Or at least, some of you ask.) It’s like a collaborative Website where each page is editable by users. The wiki is useful for real-time information and collaborative tasks (like figuring out where to meet for dinner) that don’t work as well with the linear narrative structure of Weblogs. The Supernova ...

Heading to Switzerland

I’m off to Zurich for what looks to be an interesting workshop on information policy.

Supernova Weblog

We’ve launched the Weblog for Supernova 2003. Not much there yet, but this will be an important resource for conference-related information. We’ve got several other community-oriented tools in the works for the conference. Stay tuned!


I’m trying out Firebird, the new stripped-down version of Mozilla. So far, the performance is excellent. It has most of the good stuff I like in Mozilla, but not the pieces (e.g. the mail client) that I don’t use. Tabbed browsing doesn’t always work properly, though — sometimes tabs don’t close, and sometimes I lose the previous page list. And I miss the progress image showing when a page is ...

Here come the photoblogs

Yahoo! News: "As many as 42 percent of mobile phone users who had heard about photo messaging said they expected to send at least one photo message a week in the future, according to the survey of 5,600 people by management consultants AT Kearney and Britain’s Cambridge University."

Who really won the browser war?

Mitch Kapor: "I have replaced Internet Explorer with Mozilla as my default browser on my ThinkPad. (I will save for another time the story about my choice of PC’s. I also have a Mac and use it regularly. Where is the Linux machine, you may well ask — but as I said, that’s another story)" I use the same configuration as Mitch. At most "digerati" conferences I go to, the ...

A Quarter-Million Spams Per Year

Just ran a quick check of my email logs. The four primary layers of filtering I use (SpamAssassin rule-based, PopFile Bayesian, EarthLink probe-based, and hand-coded rules) are now catching over 700 spams per day, which represents 85% of my total incoming email. That’s a quarter-million spams per year. For one person. Scary. Thank goodness my filters, after much training, catch about 99% of the spams, with only occasional false positives. ...

Europe imposes VAT on online sales

Here in the US, e-commerce transactions have largely been exempt from sales taxes. All sorts of dire predictions are made about what would happen if this distinction went away. Well, maybe now we’ll find out. The European Union is imposing value-added tax, roughly analogou to our sales tax, on online services and transactions.