Comcast's forthcoming PVR

USA Today: "Samsung will make decoders with built-in DVRs — which record TV shows to a hard drive, making them far easier to use than VCRs. Set-top units for other TVs will access that hard drive. Ucentric Systems will provide the software to sort through TV schedules and help users select shows to record. What makes the Comcast system different from DVRs such as those from TiVo and ReplayTV is its ability to piggyback on the cable system to create a home network. That eliminates the need for extra connections or equipment."

At long last, the personal video recorder (PVR) market is heating up. Tivo hired respected NBC exec Marty Yudkovitz as its president, AOL Time Warner is working on its Mystro service, Comcast has already launched some network-based PVR features, and now this. Among other things, I’m glad to see Ucentric get a big customer win. I wrote about them some time ago in Release 1.0, but was wondering if they would make it.