Email problems fixed

I was out of town the past five days, and somewhere along the line my email gateway got out of whack. Things seem to be working now. If you sent me a message recently and it bounced, please re-send it.

I wanted to just call it 'Yesterday'

Anticipating a post-Web, post-PC world is my latest column to appear on CNet

Camera phone stats from Business 2.0 column

"Since January, T-Mobile users have sent more than 1 million photos to one another. Sprint PCS (PCS) president Len Lauer recently said that camera phone owners send an average of 15 pictures a month."

Worm tracking

I’ve received more than 35 copies of the "support\" email worm the past two days. They go straight into my spam filter so I don’t notice, but that’s a pretty substantial total. Remember when these worms were big news?

I guess that means they liked it?

The Kevin Werbach Experience. AKA, what I did during my 26-hour trip to Amsterdam. Or at least the part I’m willing to talk about. (via David Galbraith)

Time is Running Out…

The deadline to save $300 on registration for “Supernova” is this Friday. Don’t miss the opportunity to join Joi Ito, Clay Shirky, David Isenberg, Kevin Lynch, Cory Doctorow, and an amazing list of fellow speakers and attendees in the Washington DC area on July 8-9!

Power laws in action

New York Times: "Google now conducts 55 percent of all searches on the World Wide Web." (via “Scripting News”)

Call to Action on Copyright Reform

Lessig forgets himself and gets all optimistic on us, and look what happens. Seriously, Larry is fighting a good fight. Requiring copyright holders to pay $1 for renewal after 50 years, as the legislation he proposes would do, is a very reasonable compromise that would help reinvigorate the public domain. I encourage you to do your part in making this a reality.

Thinkpad X31 notes #2

Finally had time to unpack my new IBM Thinkpad X31 laptop and transfer files onto it. I’m now on the return leg of my first long plane trip with it, and overall, I’m relatively happy. First, the good news. The Intel Pentium M works as promised, deliving excellent performance with great battery life. The speed-up from my older X20 is quite noticeable. The battery life is roughly four hours in ...

Scott Rafer: "Particularly in Europe,

Scott Rafer: "Particularly in Europe, the trend towards municipal [WiFi] sponsorship is accelerating and must be watched closely."