Thinkpad X31 first impressions

My Centrino-based machine, an IBM Thinkpad X31, finally arrived. Several things jump out at me:

  • It’s frozen. The delivery guy from UPS evidently didn’t think to ring my doorbell when dropping off a computer in a snowstorm a couple hours ago.
  • Thankfully, it still works.
  • Why, oh why, did they have to shorten the wrist rest underneath the keyboard? The machine itself is the same size! I’m suddenly worried that I’m not going to be able to type comfortably. The keyboard ergonomics are about 60% of the reason I buy IBM, so this is a big deal.
  • It feels stiffer than my previous-generation X20. Supposedly the some materials and weight, though.
  • It’s slightly and disconcertinly asymmetrical in various places.
  • There’s a diagonal cut out of the left side, right where the monitor meets the keyboard. It’s as if someone snipped it with a scissors. Must be those wacky IBM guys goofing around.
  • The little nipple IBM pointing device I love so much has a different feel. It’s flatter and wider on top than I’m used to. Not sure whether I like this or not.
  • Some of the keys are narrower than on the X20! For example, the backspace and backslash at the right of the keyboard. Again, this makes no sense, because it’s the same size machine.
  • There are built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connection lights on the inside of the monitor hinge, but only a Bluetooth one on the outside.

Actually, this particular model is technically not a Centrino. It uses Atheros-provided 802.11a/b networking rather than Intel’s solution, so I only get a "Pentium M" collectible sticker. Anyway, gotta go play with the new toy. I sure hope the wrist rest is not a killer.